The city of Lyon, France

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aut_6909.jpg The population of Lyon is about half a million, but the number grows to about two million if the surroundings are counted. It is crossed by two rivers, Rhône and Saone, which give a nice touch to the inland city. INSA is situated next to the big park in the upper left corner of the picture.
aut_8051.jpg On Saturdays the riversides become marketplaces. Fresh fruit and other delicious food on this side of Rhône, art on the other side.
aut_8058.jpg Memories from the golden age of the roman empire can be found everywhere in the southern France. Lyon was apparently a rather important center already back then judging by the size of this theatre.
aut_8081.jpg Next to the theatre lies one of Lyon's surprises. "Musée de la civilisation gallo-romaine" is modest when looking from the outside but huge inside. The building was designed to be a museum from the start of the construction - it is a long spiral-formed hallway descending further and further underground. Most of the objects on display are not enclosed in annoying glass boxes and you can even walk on this impressive two thousand years old mosaic.
aut_7461.jpg In the 19th century Lyon was an important producer of silk. The hill of Croix-Rousse was their territory and a few artisans still work there using traditional methods. The museums are small and cosy and owned by the craftsmen themselves. And when you climb on the Croix-Rousse don't miss the painted wall by the Boulevard des Canuts.
aut_7403.jpg Lyon also has a museum of cinema named after its inventors, the Lumière brothers. The theatre next to the museum shows old classics and more recent less known films as original versions. In the other cinemas you have to be careful and hunt for the two-letter sign "VO" to avoid dubbed soundtracks.
aut_8077.jpg Lyon has two well-known churches and this astronomical clock in the cathedral Saint Jean is the most interesting thing to see. Over 500 hundred years of timekeeping and still going strong.
aut_7525.jpg By night Lyon is not as lively as Paris or Spanish cities but beautiful to watch. On this special evening even Fourvière, the church in the background was dressed in blue.
aut_7469.jpg Jeune Ambassadeur de Lyon is a program organised by the city for the exchange students coming to the area. Every participant is assigned a tutor from a company and the program consists of visits to the local enterprises and some cultural events. There is also a competition of proposals how to enhance the relations between Lyon and the students' home cities, best entries being rewarded by pretty nice prizes. This trick shot was taken at the opening evening through the windows of the magnificent city hall.
aut_7527.jpg Lyon is well known for its culinarism. The Michelin guide can give pointers to the best restaurants but they are pricewise usually out of reach for students. I ate in several cheaper places that were ok but none of which so exceptional that I would give any special recommendations. Just walk around in the narrow streets of the old town and take a look at the menus.

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