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This page contains notes of some of the talks I was listening to. They were written for my own use and not originally intended for publishing (not even trying to be comprehensive, be warned), but I decided to put them here as there isn't a lot of material currently available. Contact the original authors for more information, and Sebastian Blondeel if you have more notes or something else that could be put at the organizers' site.

Robert Strandh: Common LISP and CLIM

Common Lisp CLIM (Common Lisp Interface Manager) Free-CLIM

Neil Walfield and Richard Stallman: GNU/Hurd

Neal's part Stallman's part

Hans Reiser: Discussion: free software and business models

Hans's idea: A pool where you put money divided to projects according to your preferences Reiser's company More ideas / models

Richard Stallman: Copyright vs. community in the age of computer networks

The full transcript is much better than my notes.

Summaries of the topics

These were presented on Saturday. Probably much more accurate info is available directly from the leaders of each topic.

Very high level languages

(Security people were away at the moment)

Uniformization of distributions

Linux kernel (presented by Andrea Arcangeli)


Computer music

Libre software for the blind and visually impaired

Libre software for education

Libre software and development

Libre software for corporate business

Libre software for medicine

Law and libre software

New (off)topic: LUG co-operation

First Debian conference



Arto Teräs <> 2000.
These notes are public domain (of course doesn't apply to other people's material I'm linking to), use any way you like. Contact the original authors for more information.

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