Debconf5 Group Photo

The best version of the group photo is currently an imagemap with names of the participants by Jarno Elonen.

I have also a larger picture gallery available.
Group photo, cropped and edited Group photo of Debconf5 participants, final version.

900x514 (jpeg, 122 kB)
3045x1740 (jpeg, 852 kB)
3045x1740 (png, 10433 kB)

Group photo, cropped and edited Group photo of Debconf5 participants, in 3:2 aspect ratio.

900x600 (jpeg, 132 kB)
3045x2030 (jpeg, 915 kB)
3045x2030 (png, 11821 kB)

The photo above might surprise some of the participants, and we cannot produce the raw camera file from it as promised. :-) Therefore, here are a couple of others which tell the story:
Group photo, with the surroundings Participants gathered at the HUT main building.

900x600 (jpeg, 88 kB)
3472x2312 (jpeg, 1031 kB)
3472x2312 (raw, 11085 kB)

Group photo, uncropped version, Octavia missing Everybody were smiling in the sunny weather - while perhaps sweating and wishing to get something to drink...

900x600 (jpeg, 122 kB)
3472x2312 (jpeg, 1072 kB)
3472x2312 (raw, 11745 kB)

Group photo, people clapping But oh no! Otavio was missing from the first photo so we did it again with everyone clapping when he arrived. Unfortunately some people had already left at this moment.

900x600 (jpeg, 124 kB)
3472x2312 (jpeg, 1106 kB)
3472x2312 (raw, 11130 kB)

(To be exact, the picture of Otavio in the final version was taken from this photo (jpeg as saved by the camera, 3741 kB).)

Photography: Arto Teräs
Image manipulation: Jarno Elonen
Equipment: Canon EOS 350D, 17-85 mm EF-S Zoom
Software: Dave Coffin's dcraw, Gimp 2.2
Copyright: Arto Teräs and Jarno Elonen
License: MIT license