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The sixth Debian Conference - Debconf5 - was organized in Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland during the two first weeks of July 2005. Like developers' conferences normally do, it included presentations, a lot of hacking, even more chatting, not to forget some drinking. First week was DebCamp with only a couple of dozen participants, followed by a Debian Day aimed at general public and finally the one-week DebConf with over 300 attendants.

Most participants stayed in one of the dorms of Helsinki University of Technology - crammed full enough that most people spent a lot of time outdoors. Surprisingly even the weather was great practically all the time! Nearby another building was dedicated as the hacklab, and lectures were held in computer science department. A day trip was organized to the fortress island Suomenlinna and Thursday evening was labeled as the formal dinner - not too formal of course. :-)

The pictures are organized in roughly chronological order. See also the separate group photo page.

Pages: 1 - The Beginning | 2 - The Dorm and the Hacklab | 3 - The Daytrip | 4 - The Dinner, Cake and Keysigning
Tuukka, Holger and P2 looking at weird electrical installations in Smökki (the hacklab).
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Gwolf installing servers.
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Herman showing the nice two screen setup in the video room
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Otaniemi at 2.00 am.
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IBM Power5 training session.
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Fetching ethernet cable from CSC's old machine room.
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Meeting with Finnish Linux User Group people in WilliamK bar.
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Fixing posters the night before Debian Day.
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Debian Day in the HUT CS department.
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Herman behind the camera.
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Dario's presentation about Debian in Extremadura was inspiring.
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Martin-Éric was the main organizer of Debian Day.
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CS department building.
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Hacklab alias Smökki.
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Linux-Aktivaattori main team: Aschwin, Fabbe and Tero.
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Main lecture room on the first day of the actual DebConf.
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Pages: 1 - The Beginning | 2 - The Dorm and the Hacklab | 3 - The Daytrip | 4 - The Dinner, Cake and Keysigning

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