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My wife and I are travel enthusiasts. The photos and articles of our latest trips are all in the blog. Below are pictures and reports from older trips until 2010.

Snow gnome climbing a tree in Helsinki, Finland. Helsinki in winter 2010
Petrified wood and Painted Desert in Arizona, U.S. Colors of the earth in the Indian country
Top of the midsummer pole on Kökar, just being lifted up. HC/CS midsummer camp in Åland, June 2008
My cyclocomputer showing total distance of 40000 km. Bicycle 40000km, 18.6.2008
Sledging on flat ground. VastlaCamp, Otepää, Estonia, 1-3.2.2008
Riding on the beach in Western Latvia. Balttiarallaa Expedition - a year on bicycle in Eastern Europe and Asia, June 2006 - June 2007
Two ladies riding a horse cart in rural Romania. Pyörällä halki Romanian, 6.9-3.11.2006 (in Finnish)
Moldovan wine, waiting to be collected. Wine with friends in Moldova, 4-16.10.2006
Dolina Pieciu Stawow Polskich, valley of the five lakes. Hiking in the Tatra mountains, Poland, 27-30.7.2006
Preparing the Teutonic Cut. Балттиараллаа: Тхе Теутоник Кут 22.6.-13.7.2006 (in Finnish)
Reindeer walking on a bicycle way near Ylläs. Reindeer on the bicycle way, Finland, 29.7.-4.8.2005
Staring at the laptop screen. DebConf5, Espoo, Finland 1-18.7.2005.
Sign in front of a pit in Poland. Balttiarallaa Revolutions 9.7.-9.8.2004
(mostly in Finnish, partial English version available)
Seafood in the Oumichou market, Kanazawa, Japan Japan (separate index)
Mikko Minkkinen looking at the new brown color of his
bike pack Balttiarallaa Tour 20.6.-6.7.2002 (in Finnish)
A lonely windmill on the Kumlinge island A Biker's Dream - Åland 7-12.8.2001.
Calculating the Debian developers centre of mass Two related reports from Bordeaux, France 2-8.7.2001.
Qui gueuele le plus fort? My exchange year at INSA, Lyon, France 2000-2001. (separate index)
Armelle, the logo of the event Libre Software Meeting at Bordeaux, France, 5-9.7.2000.
Found some powder Ski trip to Verbier, Switzerland, 27.1.-11.2.2000.
Top of Jet d'eau, the famous fountain in Geneva Summer 1999 at CERN (separate index)
I also have a travel newsletters page, which contains some older articles in plain text.

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