Day two: The Libre Supper

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Hey, I'm Neal! If the Wednesday's program was rather relaxed, on the second day most of the topics got actually started. I decided to follow the Debian topic which devoted Thursday to Hurd, a microkernel based approach to OS design in which most of the Unix system services run as separate user processes. Neal Walfield told us that at the moment the GNU/Hurd system is already usable but some features and a lot of optimization still needs to be done. Perhaps the Linux kernel will be replaced by Hurd or a combination some day in the future - the drivers written for Linux can be used almost directly in Hurd, for example.
OS structure illustrations Richard Stallman drew some illustrations how Hurd differs from other common operating systems. He also presented ideas of what kind of applications and features the new model makes possible or easier to implement.
RMS and the GNU mascot Everybody liked Richard's cute GNU mascot.

Other topics also presented on Thursday were databases, libre software for the blind, graphics, security, filesystems, medecine and education. The education topic differed from other so that it had a lot of talks and demos aimed for the public, not the technically oriented people attending the conference itself. The public talks were given in a separate building, also gathering an excited audience.

The garden was nice For the evening the organizers had reserved a whole restaurant so that all the attendees could go and have dinner together. We started with an aperitif in the garden.
Cool GNU & Linux poster Olivier Berger amazed everyone by bringing a hand-painted "GNU & Linux - the dynamic duo" poster, originally obtained by the APRIL organization a few months earlier.
The Libre Supper This is only about half of the people enjoying the delicious meal: the restaurant was full and discussion lively.
Let's sing together A moment to be remembered: The Free Software Song together. Tony Bassette leading the group.
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