Day three: Bits and pieces

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On the third day I had a hard time choosing where to go, eventually decided to try to grasp some interesting points from several topics. First I listened to Juan Quintela's talk about Linux kernel memory management and its new support for filesystems. Then Hans Reiser hosted a discussion about free software and business models, which actually turned more into handling the problems in a company with distributed work force: some people from Russia, some from western Europe and United States, some working at the office, others at home.
An ordinary but still so special water bottle Teppo Lehtinen noticed (Peter Kelemen holding the bottle in the picture) that even the water available in the restaurant and during coffee breaks was like designed for the event: Eau de Source . Well, actually it means "water from a spring" and isn't particularly uncommon in France, but that's irrelevant...
In the law topic Richard Stallman spoke about copyrights and patents: how digital technology has changed the consequences of them while the actual law hasn't changed much. Some kind of regulations would be acceptable, but the key point should be evaluating whether they promote global progress, not just treating copyrights as an entitlement for authors. At least the most crucial individual freedoms to share should be preserved. Here's the full transcript.
French soccer table The soccer table was in heavy use during the breaks.
Andrea Arcangeli Andrea Arcangeli hosted the Linux kernel topic and gave a nice explanation about the current state of virtual memory system and plans for future releases. Juan Quintela brought up his suggestions and started a quite lively discussion about the issue. The good points of both approaches were honored and it was decided that testing is needed, possibly mixing code from both will give the best result.
Last Jeff Garzik explained the internal workings of PCI bus and what is needed to write a driver for a PCI device. At least it sounded to be an easy and straightforward task. :) Unfortunately it was already late and only a handful of people were listening to the well-prepared presentation.
The user group meeting To conclude the day Raphael Calvelli organized a session for local free software user group representants to discuss cooperation possibilities. We noticed that his home lug from Firenze, Italy, shared the same abbreviation with our Finnish Linux User Group.
Debian GNU/Linux was rather dominant in these machines After the official program there was still good time for hacking each day. A fast Internet connection helped the e-mail dependent people to maintain their daily routines.
Busy eating pizzas This time we missed the bus and didn't want to wait for the next one: a local pizza place near the campus got to satisfy our nutritional needs. From the left: me, Neal Walfield, Andrea Arcangeli, Jeff Garzik, Juan Quintela, Péter Kelemen. Christian Surchi was behind the camera.
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