Ski trip to Verbier 27.1.-11.2.2000

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Skipoli, the ski club of the students of Helsinki University of Technology, organized a two week ski trip to Verbier, Switzerland, in cooperation with Elämysmatkat. Some of the people had been there several times earlier, but for me this was the first time, actually I had never been skiing on the Alps before.
In the bus To keep the costs down we traveled by bus. Interrupted only by a one night ferry trip from Turku (Finland) to Stockholm (Sweden) and several short breaks we spent about 30 hours on these benches. Bringing a pillow was definitely a good idea.
aut_4114.jpg A lunch break in Sweden.
aut_4112.jpg In front of the restaurant there was a rock and explanation of its origin in several languages.
aut_4109.jpg An embarrasment for Swedes but a lot of fun for us Finns. :-)
aut_4115.jpg Saturday morning, finally at Verbier! The village was about 1500 meters above sea level and the land was covered with snow - not much of it but enough to be able to ski down.
aut_4304.jpg We had rented cottages or apartments, all near the main lifts up. This was our place, I shared a two bedroom flat with Kari, Saku, Tuomas, Ville and Cornelia.
aut_4308.jpg The view from our balcony.
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