Love Parade '99

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Here are some pictures from my trip to Love Parade, Berlin, Germany summer 1999. Love Parade is the biggest and most famous techno event in the world, organized once a year.

The parade itself lasts only one day, this time 10.7.1999, but a major part of the event are the numerous parties organized on the same weekend before and after the parade. I arrived on Thursday evening and left Monday morning, so I had four nights to party - and did, too. :)

I stayed at a hotel with a hundred people from Finland that had come by bus just for the Parade, taking a power generator, PA and all other necessary equipment with them to have a party everywhere. The organizer of the bus trip was Entropy. I took the train from Geneva, Switzerland, my home town for summer '99.

The pictures are mostly from the parade, I didn't have my camera with me in the other parties.

(Click on the pictures to see larger versions.)

aut_1501.jpg We left Geneva Thursday morning at about 9 o'clock. Here's Jani showing how to sit unconfortably in the train.
aut_1502.jpg In the evening we were already at the hotel, I stayed with Atte. It was a pleasant surprise, large, comfortable rooms with TV for a low price. I payed 650 FIM for the four nights.
aut_1662.jpg This is what the hotel looked like from the back yard.
aut_1661.jpg The whole hotel was reserved only for us, so music was on all the time.
Some people stayed at the hotel on Thursday evening to get some rest after having had little sleep on two previous nights. I hadn't come by bus, so I wasn't tired and went to see Tresor, probably the most famous club in Berlin. It was a great party - wild dancing in the hot room of techno downstairs and a nice chillout outside in the garden.
aut_1504.jpg After sleeping late Friday morning, we went to see the city and do some shopping. Some green people were having their own little parade, protesting against the huge mess Love Parade leaves behind.
aut_1507.jpg A church bombed during the Second World War, the holes left intact to remind people for the destructivity of wars.
aut_1508.jpg The same inside.
aut_1511.jpg In the evening we had dinner at a nice Chinese restaurant. From the left: Atte, Jani, Heidi and me.
aut_1513.jpg Hotei guarded the restaurant door with just the right attitude.

On Friday night I decided to go to a goa party. The place was two huge fields outside near Ostbahnhof, surrounded by little booths selling food and drinks on the sides. The decorations were impressive, with even the walls of nearby houses covered by projections of psychedelic images.

The music was nice, but unfortunately there were too few people for that kind of area, and it never really got going. The organizers didn't want to use all their light capacity, probably saved them for Saturday. Anyway, we had fun, and were perhaps ourselves a bit too tired to dance very intensely.

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