My exchange year at INSA 2000-2001

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This is a collection of the best moments of my year as an exchange student at Institut National des Sciences Appliquées, Lyon, France from September 2000 to May 2001. These stories and more pictures are also available on a cd, contact me if you are interested.

Added 7.11.2001: The travel report I wrote for my university (in Finnish only) Finnish flag, public domain, from the CIA World Factbook

Added 4.3.2002: I gave a short presentation of my exchange year on the international info day at HUT. The slides (in Finnish) are available. If you weren't present, the report mentioned above probably gives a better overview.
Full size originals | Four slides per page, better for printing

Qui gueuele le plus fort? Weekend of integration for CS students, 29.9-1.10.2000.
Paolo and Celine Life on the campus
The night of light at Lyon The city of Lyon
In the rain near the peak Grand Veymont Colours and rain at Vercors, 14-15.10.2000
The market on Placa Reial Meeting friends in Spain, 28.10-5.11.2000
Richard Stallman as Saint Ignucius OSDEM - free spirit at the heart of Europe, 2-3.2.2001
Les cailloux
volants Karnaval Humanitaire, 27.2.2001
Can Can dancers INSA clubs' dance show, 8.3.2001
Mules in the High Atlas mountains In the land of the berbers, Morocco, 31.3-17.4.2001 UK flag, public domain, from the CIA World

Au pays des berbers, Maroc, 31.3-17.4.2001 French flag, public domain, from the CIA World

Clouds in a valley near Clusaz Some other selected pictures

Sites of other exchange students, some of these contain photos by several people:

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