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GNU/Linux and Free software

GNU/Linux, freedom, people

There are lots of information on the net. Check out for example the get GNU/Linux site or the Linux page in Wikipedia. For Finnish speakers, the Linux.fi wiki is a good starting point.

The best "feature" of Linux and other free software (free as in freedom, not price) are the people around it, the community. Excellent technical support, new friends, something whose value cannot be measured in dollars or euros. Here are reports of some events I've attended in the past.

Some of the links point to the Internet Archive, as the original site is not available any more.

I also encourage you to read about freedom of software on the web pages of Free Software Foundation.

My contributions

My contributions have been organizing events and other activities in user groups in order to make free software accessible to more people.

The few pieces of code listed below are not being updated any more and here mainly for historical interest.

Arto Teräs <ajt@iki.fi> — last update 2016-07-03.