Balttiarallaa Revolutions and other tales by Mikko, Sami and Arto

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In summer 2004 Balttiarallaa Tours headed towards central Europe. We emailed Peter that we'll be in Geneva by the end of the first week of August. Then bought ferry tickets to Gdansk via Stockholm and Nynäshamn. Loaded essential gear on the bike racks and hit the road. Of course we didn't forget our traditional travel journal, which has been transferred on these pages in it's entirety.

Our English readers might have some trouble understanding the journal as it's in Finnish, but we have something for you too:

The actual travel journal and selected pictures are below (in Finnish):

Kuoppa pyörätiellä. Uwaga! Vol 1: No Motor?
Arto ja Sami Tirolissa. Vol 2: The Two Travellers
Jet d'Eau, Genève. Vol 3: Helsinki! Helsinki!

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