I spent one year in Kanazawa, Japan, from October 2002 to September 2003. Naturally I also traveled around the country and took a lot of pictures. A small selection is on display here.

Added 20.02.2004: My exchange year report (in Finnish) is now available.

Added 08.02.2004: I gave a presentation about my exchange year during the HUT international info day February 3, 2004. Slides in pdf format (in Finnish, approx. 1 MB).

Added 10.03.2005: I gave a presentation about my exchange year and other exchange study opportunities in Japan in Cultural Centre Caisa, Helsinki, March 10th, 2005. Slides in pdf format (in Finnish, approx. 2.3 MB).

See also the Japan section on my travel newsletters page.

Old houses in the Higashiyama district Kanazawa - my new home
Kinkakuji temple Temples, Gardens and Shrines: Kyoto 2-5.11.2002
Decoration next to the Inuyama-jou shrine entrance Field trip to Gifu and Aichi 6-7.11.2002
Snowfall at Fukui airport parking place Fukui rainfall and snowfall observation Jan - Feb 2003
View down to the valley at Hakusan Ichirino Onsen ski resort Ski trip to Hakusan Ichirino Onsen 14-15.02.2003
A cliff on the Notojima island Noto peninsula and the Seihakusai festival 3-5.5.2003

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