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Wine with friends in Moldova, October 4-16, 2006

Chisinau, the capital

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In October 2006 I traveled to Moldova to meet friends I had met earlier in the summer and to participate in the famous wine festival. The trip was originally planned to last for one week but became twelve days of having good time with friends, seeing a few extraordinary places and tasting local delicacies. See also my blog entry of the trip.

Moldova was part of Romania for a long time so in many respects it's still similar to Romania. However, the large Russian and Ukrainian minorities along with the period in the Soviet Union add their touch, making the country a real mix of cultures. Then there are some things which are inherently Moldovan, such as the traditions of making wine.

Chisinau is the capital and the only large city in the country. It's not the prettiest of the European capitals I've visited, but it has it's own kind of drive and enough parks where to relax. You may also come across surprises such as the über cool gaming hall of actually working Soviet era video games in the Rose Valley park. :-)

Stefan del Mare guarding the city.
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Natasha and Nadja cooking, Serj watching.
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Eating mamaliga with friends.
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Fire tower.
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Colourful walls in an orthodox church.
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The main cathedral.
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Rowing on the Valea Morilor lake.
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Graffiti in the Valea Morilor park.
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Folk dance during the day of wine.
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Traditional wine making utensils.
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Our picnic at the wine festival.
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Wine farmer overlooking the crowd.
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Cranes with grapes were all over the place.
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Electrified tree.
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A look over the botanical gardens.
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A cute hut by the lake.
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"I vote" against tobacco but that doesn't seem to be the whole message. :-)
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A funny tree near the Rose Valley park.
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Serj playing a Soviet era submarine game.
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Serj cooking.
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Pages: 1 - Chisinau | 2 - Orheiul Vechi | 3 - Anenii Noi

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