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Bicycle 40000 km gallery

On Wednesday 18th of June 2008, on the way to Åland islands together with my Lithuanian friend Dalia, my bicycle reached 40000 km. That's the equivalent distance of traveling around the world, so we naturally celebrated it. See also my blog article of the event.

Stopping right now.
750x500 (133 kB)
1500x1000 (399 kB)
Yes, it's 40000 km!
750x500 (115 kB)
1500x1000 (275 kB)
Posing for the camera.
750x500 (117 kB)
1500x1000 (335 kB)
Together with the owner.
(Picture by Dalia Motik)
750x500 (100 kB)
1500x1000 (326 kB)
Celebration time.
(Picture by Dalia Motik)
500x750 (121 kB)
1000x1500 (344 kB)
Just like a helmet, isn't it?
750x500 (107 kB)
1500x1000 (276 kB)
A look at the party table.
500x750 (128 kB)
1000x1500 (375 kB)

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