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Fingers on the keyboard

Text - an art form and one of the most useful tools in the world at the same time. Nowadays I mostly write in my blog and on forums in the Internet. Below is a partial list of articles I've written in the past. Most of them are available only in Finnish.

Scientific publications

The following documents written by me are referenced in the thesis or otherwise related to it:

Articles published in the MikroPC magazine

MikroPC used to be the largest IT magazine in Finland with a circulation of over 50.000. It was merged in 2015 with Mikrobitti. Please contact me if you'd like to have a copy of any of the articles listed above.

The textual content of all my articles published in MikroPC can be freely redistributed (see license at the bottom of the page), but some of the illustrations and the layout are not mine.

Articles related to the Finnish Linux User Group and Free Software meetings

Moved to my GNU/Linux and Free Software page.

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