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Hospitality exchange

Posted: 2006-05-30 02:39:22, Categories: Travel, Hospitality exchange, 289 words (permalink)

Hi, I'm coming to Helsinki for a couple of days, could you host me?. Since last September I've received such emails about once a month. Hospitality Club and other hospitality exchange networks make it perfectly acceptable social behaviour to ask questions like that from people you've never met. While that might sound strange at first, it's great fun for both the hosts and the guests. So the right answer to the question is yes. ;)

In a way, it's like bringing an ancient tradition to Internet age. People didn't use to lock their doors and offered food and shelter for strangers who happened to pass by. The development of transport and accommodation services has made it easier than ever to travel, but at the same time has in the worst case reduced contacts with local inhabitants to transactions in a souvenir shop. It's no surprise that people are forming communities where these barriers are broken again. The Internet makes it easier than ever.

As the networks grow, also larger meetings are organized. Last week from Thursday to Sunday there was a Hospitality Club event in Helsinki with more than 130 participants. I met again some truly wonderful people and had good time. Everyone else seemed to do as well, so the event was a success. You can take a peek at the event website if you like.

However, no matter the size of the club, the real core of it is still small encounters between just a few people. That will be one of the new elements during my upcoming trip. I will be visiting some friends I've hosted in Helsinki, and others whom I will meet the first time when arriving at their front door. I'm looking forward to that.


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Comment from: Kasper Souren [Visitor]  
Hey, I’m setting up a hospitality exchange planet, for now I will put it at crashatmine.org/planet. I would love to add your blog if you create a category or tag “hospitality exchange". Or are all your “travel” posts about hospitality exchange? :)
2007-10-05 @ 23:52
Comment from: [Member]
Yes, a hospitality exchange tag might be a good idea. I’ve been planning to add tags anyway, I just initially wanted a space to write about my travels and didn’t worry much about categorization. I will add at least country specific tags, and probably a few others too.
2007-10-06 @ 02:05

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