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Memories from North-Eastern Hungary

Posted: 2006-09-06 02:01:15, Categories: Travel, Hungary, Cycling, 186 words (permalink)
I spent the last eight days cycling through the North-Eastern Hungary, stopping in a few places. The landscape was hilly in Eger and Miskolc, and then turned into great plains when continuing towards Debrecen. Here are a few nice memories from the area,… more »

Caving, bathing and partying in Budapest

Posted: 2006-09-02 13:03:32, Categories: Travel, Hungary, 752 words (permalink)
In Budapest I skipped a few museums and went for some activities instead. The first one of them was a trip to Matyas-hegyi cave under the hills of Buda. It was a labyrinth of tunnels in the limestone. My earlier visits to caves on this trip often… more »

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