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In response to: Wedding in Vietnam and travels during the Corona year

Comment from: Julian V [Visitor]  
hello Arto, Great to read from you. Amazing you’ve kept the blog going for 20 years now!! Always a pleasure to read yours news. Keep safe . Julian
2020-12-23 @ 23:58

In response to: Happy Holidays

Comment from: Aaro "Frank" Huhtala [Visitor]  
Hello Your year has been very nice. I hope you both have fantastic christmas at Sandras friends. Merry christmas and hally new year.
2018-12-24 @ 18:47

In response to: White wilderness in Greenland

Comment from: Päivi & Santeri [Visitor]
Great to hear from you!
2017-11-11 @ 13:50

In response to: A job with a royal view

Comment from: [Member]
Thank you for the comments! By the way, if you’d like to see how the castle looks inside, you can take a photo tour on the Neuschwanstein homepage.
2016-07-04 @ 01:57

In response to: A job with a royal view

Comment from: Rainer [Visitor]
Hi there, really nice to hear. It is near my ’second home town’ , Munich. Been there too - the scenery is beautiful. Nice bicycling area also.
2016-07-03 @ 21:22

In response to: A job with a royal view

Comment from: Frank [Visitor]  
Exciting job and very fantastic castle
2016-07-03 @ 17:11

In response to: The small quiet island called Tristan

Comment from: Craig [Visitor]  
Moi Arto Olin Tristan da Cunhalla 23 päivää syyskuusta lokakuuhun v. 2013. Kirjoita mulle jos haluaisit teitää mun matkustani.
2016-03-05 @ 08:16

In response to: Good bye bicycles, we'll go sailing!

Comment from: [Member]

We bought our bicycles in Germany already a few weeks before our departure. That way we had plenty of time to prepare them for touring, and do a weekend trip to test them before our long tour.

Buying the bikes in Santiago would have been another alternative. I checked the second hand market online (for example, go to http://www.mercadolibre.cl/ and search for “Trek” which is a popular brand in Chile) and found several which would have been okay as a base. However, we would have still needed to buy racks, drinking bottle holders, perhaps some parts to replace worn out ones and to adjust the bikes for us. In summary: it would have been possible but would have needed extra time in Santiago.

Selling the bicycles in El Chalten was surprisingly easy. It’s a popular area for mountain biking and people appreciate quality bikes. However, trying to sell an expensive touring bike with top of the line equipment might be a different story. We asked 250 USD each for ours (accepting Argentinian pesos for payment), which seemed to be a price locals were willing to pay for a decent bike.

2015-10-06 @ 19:23

In response to: Good bye bicycles, we'll go sailing!

Comment from: Jessica Kutz [Visitor]
Hello! i was just wondering did you bye your bicycles in Chile? If so where did you find second hand bikes? And by the sounds of it it is pretty easy to sell bicycles in Chalten? Thanks! Jessica
2015-10-06 @ 00:25

In response to: First time on open sea

Comment from: Andy Dodds [Visitor]
Good detail Arto, brings back happy memories, looking forward to the next chapter
2015-07-11 @ 11:02

In response to: Camping up in the mountains between border controls

Comment from: TT [Visitor]
Arto and Sandra, When you are back from the Antarctic sail and read your mails and blogs again, you may be interested in knowing that Villarica, one of the volcanos you past from a relatively close distance, erupted on March 2, 2015. TT
2015-03-03 @ 13:30

In response to: Like a painted scenery

Comment from: Jochen Schönmann [Visitor]
Einfach tolle Fotos! Weiterhin gute Reise. Wolltet Ihr nicht Cap Horn umrunden? oder nur die Magelan-Straße?
2015-02-21 @ 17:45

In response to: Seaside villages, huge leaves and roadworks on the Carretera Austral

Comment from: Jochen Schönmann [Visitor]
Reisebericht und Bilder: Einfach super! Vielen Dank:) Weiterhin gute und glückliche Radlertage! Freue mich auf ein Wiedersehen! Jochen
2015-02-01 @ 09:34

In response to: Cycling and camping in Chilean summer

Comment from: Helio e Lori [Visitor]
Muy lindo viaje, congratulaciones a los dos! Abrazos!
2015-01-13 @ 14:04

In response to: Volcanic scenery in Malalcahuello and Conguillio

Comment from: Inge [Visitor]
Hi Arto and Sandra, your blog takes us with you to the wonderful places you’ve explored. Thanks a lot. For the coming discoveries I wish you all the best, take care and have a great ’slide’ into the New Year!
2014-12-30 @ 17:44

In response to: Cycling and camping in Chilean summer

Comment from: Joni Virtanen [Visitor]
Nice trip! Bon voyage!
2014-12-14 @ 22:57

In response to: Wedding with a sauna

Comment from: Tuula [Visitor]
Beautiful photos, I’m sure it was a beautiful wedding. Too bad I couln’t make it!
2014-09-22 @ 13:08

In response to: Wedding with a sauna

Comment from: Katri Kulju [Visitor]
Lämpimät onnittelut!
2014-09-21 @ 07:42

In response to: Wedding with a sauna

Comment from: Aaro "Frank" Huhtala [Visitor]
Congratulations both of you.
2014-09-20 @ 08:04

In response to: Mumbai, city of contrasts

Comment from: call me katha [Visitor]  
HEllo my name is Katha Pungijaniba.I’m from new delhi and i would love to visit mumbai someday.It seems to be such an interesting an beautiful city.I want to go there with my 5 sisters and 4 brothers. do you want to be my next brother? thank you bye
2014-02-26 @ 12:14

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