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Riding on the beach

Posted: 2006-06-28 14:30:10, Categories: Travel, Latvia, Hospitality exchange, Cycling, 235 words (permalink)
My trip has advanced until Liepaja, Latvia. After Tartu I continued towards south-west, spent one night in Sangaste castle and crossed the border in Valga. There were some very nice places and very bad gravel roads in the Gauja national park on my way… more »

Estonia and EENet tour

Posted: 2006-06-18 01:09:41, Categories: Travel, Estonia, Cycling, 248 words (permalink)
I'm in Tartu now, and being kindly hosted by Lauri Anton from EENet means that finding an Internet connection is not a problem. :) Actually it should be pretty easy in Estonia in general, there are plenty of wireless access points, libraries and some… more »

Almost ready to go

Posted: 2006-06-15 00:40:28, Categories: Travel, Work, 231 words (permalink)
My last day at work was Friday 9th of June and then I needed to get my flat empty by the morning of Monday 12th. And it actually took until the morning, didn't have much sleep last weekend. But now all that is done, tomorrow I'll take care of the last… more »

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