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Memories from North-Eastern Hungary

Posted: 2006-09-06 02:01:15, Categories: Travel, Hungary, Cycling, 186 words (permalink)

I spent the last eight days cycling through the North-Eastern Hungary, stopping in a few places. The landscape was hilly in Eger and Miskolc, and then turned into great plains when continuing towards Debrecen. Here are a few nice memories from the area, this time written only as short notes:

  • Climbing up the very narrow stairs to the top of the minaret and tasting local wines in Eger
  • Enjoying delicious pörkölt (a meat stew) in Sajoszentpeter (near Miskolc) at the home of Gabi, a friend from the Hospitality Club
  • Looking down to the green Bükk plateau from the Tar-kö peak in the Bükk national park
  • Listening to the wind while camping wild by the Tisza river
  • Watching snakes wiggle on the ground and cranes fly across the sky in the Hortobagyi national park
  • Meeting the Balogh family in Bocskaikert
  • Taking a peek inside the impressive university main building in Debrecen

Tomorrow (or actually today, as it's already past midnight) I plan to reach Oradea in Romania. From there I'll continue towards the mountains again. New country, new adventures coming up.

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Comment from: Peter [Visitor]  
Hey Arto, didn’t tell me you were gonna visit my hometown! :-) Hope you had a nice stay and bonne route, my friend!
2006-09-06 @ 02:27

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