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Observing life in Danube Delta

Posted: 2006-10-29 11:07:17, Categories: Travel, Romania, 525 words (permalink)
My next destination after Moldova was Danube Delta, a labyrinth of canals and lakes in the area where the Danube river flows into the Black Sea. I went there with Erte, a Lithuanian friend I already mentioned last time I wrote. We slightly changed plans… more »

Wine with friends in Moldova

Posted: 2006-10-17 20:47:02, Categories: Travel, Moldova, Cycling, 907 words (permalink)
My trip to Moldova was great. It was originally planned to last for one week but became 12 days of having good time with friends, seeing some extraordinary places and tasting local delicacies, naturally including several different variants of world… more »

Moldavian villages and monasteries

Posted: 2006-10-03 23:25:56, Categories: Travel, Romania, Cycling, 465 words (permalink)
Last week I crossed the Eastern Carpathians from Transsylvania to the region of Moldavia. On the way there were still two places which deserve a special mention. At Lacu Rosu, a landslide pushed trees to the lake long ago. Still today dozens of dead… more »

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