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Surrounded by people

Posted: 2007-01-23 08:37:13, Categories: Travel, India, Cycling, 894 words (permalink)
Whenever I arrive in a village and stop my bicycle, it takes merely seconds to be surrounded by dozens of curious faces. If India is an exotic destination for me, the reverse is also true: locals have never seen something as strange as a white man… more »

Taj Mahal and train travel

Posted: 2007-01-19 06:34:59, Categories: Travel, India, 767 words (permalink)
Last Tuesday I took a train to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. It's a memorial dedicated to the favourite wife of Shah Jahan, who was the ruler of the Mughal empire during years 1628-1658. The picture on the right is a classic view of the front facade, a… more »

Navigating in New Delhi

Posted: 2007-01-15 18:19:55, Categories: Travel, India, Hospitality exchange, 741 words (permalink)
The first suprise in New Delhi were large open spaces in the city center: not every place in the capital city of India is packed with people, houses and vehicles. On the other hand, a walk in the market streets of old town, a drive from a suburb to city… more »

New Year and Kurbam Bayramı in a Turkish family

Posted: 2007-01-06 16:57:08, Categories: Travel, Turkey, 893 words (permalink)
I was planning to celebrate the New Year at a club in Taksim, the busiest nightlife district in central Istanbul. I had even signed up beforehand to the party. However, the unexpected happened again and I found myself as the honoured guest in a Turkish… more »

Hiking in snowy Cappadocia

Posted: 2007-01-06 01:37:39, Categories: Travel, Turkey, 391 words (permalink)
I decided to spend Christmas 2006 in Cappadocia, central Turkey. It's an area where volcanic activity long ago created a bizarre landscape, and people have later contributed to that by digging an incredicble number of cave houses, churches and other… more »

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