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Keeping up with the news

Posted: 2007-02-05 09:29:56, Categories: Travel, General, India, Free software, Politics, 303 words (permalink)

People often ask me how I keep up with the world news while traveling. The short and honest answer is that I don't keep up very well at all. :) Occasionally I do check out a newspaper or some websites, and my folks at home inform me if something really groundbreaking happens, at least if it is related to the area where I'm traveling in. Friends sometimes tell by email what has happened to them lately and it's always nice to read those mails.

For the traveler who likes to keep up to date, India is one of the easier places. Good quality English language newspapers are readily available, sometimes also in restaurants or hotels avoiding the need to buy the paper yourself. I discovered that the editorials and opinions page of the Times of India is particularly interesting. The articles are also available on the web so I'll share two good pieces with you. One of them is about urbanisation and overpopulation while the other takes on the state of science in India:

I currently don't have a source of general news which I'd check regularly. Browsing the sites of major newspapers would be too time consuming because I'm not connected to the Internet daily and would have to go back several issues each time to get the full news flow. A weekly summary delivered by email would be optimal, suggestions are welcome. I'm still passionate enough about Free software to read the weekly issues of Linux Weekly News, and for some reason I find it fun to read the Ask the Headhunter newsletters although I'm not currently searching for a job. Otherwise my search for information in the net is usually reduced to current practical needs such as visa information and weather forecasts from the Weather Underground.


Comment from: Päivi & Santeri [Visitor]  
Why? What do you loose if you don´t follow the news? There are not even military coups or revolutions in Finland. Päivi & Santeri
2007-02-05 @ 10:48
Comment from: [Member]

In most cases I probably don’t loose much. However, I retain a general interest in following what’s happening in the world at large. News related to the country I’m traveling in are of particular interest because they can be good topics of conversation with local people and teach something of the local culture.

2007-02-08 @ 15:54

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