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Route planner for cycling in the Helsinki region

Posted: 2007-09-04 15:24:46, Categories: General, Finland, Helsinki, Cycling, 159 words (permalink)

I just noticed that in addition to the public transport route planner for Helsinki metropolitan region, there's now a similar service for cyclists at http://kevytliikenne.ytv.fi/.

The system knows about cycling paths through parks and forests too, so the suggested route is often a nice one, at least based on a few quick tests. The "print route" feature is well done, showing both an overview map and detailed maps for the route. Cool. :-)

Of course all cyclists in Helsinki should also get the free Helsinki Metropolitan Area Outdoor map (Ulkoilukartta in Finnish), available e.g. from Jugendsali, Pohjoisesplanadi 19. The city has also produced some suggested loop routes in the city center and in many suburbs, describing the history, buildings and other features of each area. I'll have to check out some of those routes myself. Most of them are only available in Finnish though. The cycling route planner mentioned above works also in Swedish and English.

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Comment from: Alex Rybakoff [Visitor]
Thanks a lot! I like this map (my friends from Helsinki gave me it), it helped me to enjoy many interesting routes. I hope electronic version also will be useful when I’ll move to Helsinki permanently.
2010-06-17 @ 23:14

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