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Move to new server

Posted: 2008-07-01 13:43:27, Categories: General, 149 words (permalink)

My web site has a new home on a server of a friend of mine. The main reason for the change was that I needed more disk space and my previous provider didn't offer it for a reasonable price. Moving away from a commercial provider will mean that downtime might be longer in case of a software or hardware failure, but on the other hand it will be more flexible to install new services if I need to.

The blog software was also upgraded from a two year old version to a more recent one. The new version has a bunch of new features, but I decided to keep things simple and just move my data and layout without any major changes. However, I did a little bit of fine tuning trying to make navigation in the blog easier. If you notice that something has broken, please contact me.

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