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Mountain view at home and other changes in life

Posted: 2012-06-21 12:09:54, Categories: Travel, Work, Germany, Hiking, 469 words (permalink)

Sandra enjoying the view on our balcony. In our new home in Halblech in Southern Germany, we have a direct view to the Alps. We moved here in the end of April after Sandra sold her food store. I quit my job at the same time, so we're both now free to move around and start any new projects we get excited about.

The changes had been in preparation already for some time. Like most small entrepreneurs, Sandra had endured stress and long working days for many years, and felt she needed a longer break. One of her employees was quite interested in taking over — a perfect opportunity to give her the chance of running the shop instead of a much harder decision of shutting it down.

I had continued working for CSC from home after moving to Germany. From a technical point of view it worked quite well, my employer had a positive attitude and I was able to make useful contributions to the projects. However, during one and a half years the lack of social contacts became more and more evident. I was more motivated to study German or help out with simple tasks at Sandra's shop than to work alone on a technical document in the corner of the living room. Therefore it was eventually not a hard decision to call an end to it.

The nature around Halblech is beautiful. On the east and south side are the Alps with high peaks up to 2000 meters and a large network of hiking and cycling trails. Towards the west and north are hills covered by meadows and forests, with rivers and lakes in between. I hadn't thought about it before, but a location at the foot of the mountains offers more varied scenery and opportunities for outdoor activities than a place deeper in a valley between high mountains would.

During the first weeks after moving in we didn't have to think about what to do with our additional free time. On sunny days we explored the nearby hiking and cycling trails, otherwise arranging things at home kept us busy enough. Building the kitchen was the largest amount of work.

In Germany it's common that apartments don't have any equipment in the kitchen: there are only connections for water and electricity. So we packed all our kitchen appliances, cupboards and the sink in the moving van, transported them to our new flat and reinstalled them there. That was already the second time within one year, including a new variety of small surprises during installation. In any case, after all the planning, cutting, drilling, screwing and sweating we have a functional and quite nice looking kitchen. And if we continue moving often, we'll do it faster and better each time. :)

Now it's time to enjoy the summer - and to have a housewarming party next week!


Comment from: Julian Virguez [Visitor]
Hey Arto, that sounds like a magical idea. Living in such a sweet spot and now with the whole freedom to start new. I am sure you will be involved in super cool and interesting things. Enjoy your new beginning.
2012-06-25 @ 02:32
Comment from: Pirkko Teräs [Visitor]
Dear Sandra and Arto It was nice to hear from you. Sounds like you have settled in your new home and the view is gourgeous! We just celebrated Midsummer. Sinikka (Ilkka’s wife) turned 60 and Saana and Henkka got engaged. Sampo and Justus were not able to come but Dad was there and Kikka and Ismo, Lasse and I plus Ilkka’a family. It was a very nice party. The weather could have been warmer but at least it didn’t rain. You said that you are coming to Finland in July. Lasse and I are going to California July 15th and we’ll be back on the 31st. Hopefully we get to meet you! Love Pirkko and Lasse
2012-06-25 @ 11:03

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