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Inside the midnight clouds

Posted: 2007-07-23 16:11:07, Categories: Travel, Norway, Cycling, 717 words (permalink)
My second trip this summer brought me again to latitudes above the arctic circle, actually several hundred kilometers further north than the midsummer camp at Tuntsa. At Kinnarodden, the northernmost point of mainland Europe, the sun never sets for more… more »

Listening to flute under the midnight sun

Posted: 2007-07-02 15:37:30, Categories: Travel, Finland, Hospitality exchange, 560 words (permalink)
Time was 1:30 am on Sunday, 24th of June. Mist was slowly rising from a small pond on the north side of a swamp. A light breeze was gently shaping the mist into small clouds which crawled above the water. A girl was sitting on a hummock by the pond,… more »

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