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Balttiarallaa Expedition

A year on bicycle in Eastern Europe and Asia

Posing for the camera at the Panchgani hill station, India. In June 2006, I quit my job, rented out my flat and set out on my longest excursion this far. It was a classic solo tour on bicycle, first leading me through Eastern Europe to Turkey, and later to India, Thailand and Cambodia. I came back in Finland in June 2007, after having lived one year on the road.

Route maps

The continuous line is my cycling route, sections traveled by some other form of transport are shown with dotted lines.

Currently available picture galleries

Two ladies riding a horse cart in rural Romania. Pyörällä halki Romanian, 6.9-3.11.2006 (in Finnish)
Moldovan wine, waiting to be collected. Wine with friends in Moldova, 4-16.10.2006
Dolina Pieciu Stawow Polskich, valley of the five lakes. Hiking in the Tatra mountains, Poland, 27-30.7.2006
Preparing the Teutonic Cut. Балттиараллаа: Тхе Теутоник Кут 22.6.-13.7.2006 (in Finnish)

Articles I wrote in my blog during the trip in chronological order

2006-05-21 Towards new adventures
2006-05-30 Hospitality exchange
2006-06-15 Almost ready to go
2006-06-18 Estonia and EENet tour
2006-06-28 Riding on the beach
2006-07-05 Curonian Spit and Kaliningrad
2006-07-15 Across the Mazurian lake district
2006-07-25 Two different nights with the locals
2006-07-25 Warsaw and Krakow
2006-07-31 Hiking in the Tatra mountains
2006-08-05 Waterfalls in Slovakia
2006-08-16 Cycling with the Ecotopia Biketour
2006-08-27 A taste of luxury
2006-08-29 Blog software upgraded
2006-09-02 Caving, bathing and partying in Budapest
2006-09-06 Memories from North-Eastern Hungary
2006-09-14 A fox who wanted food
2006-09-22 An evening with Transsylvanian shepherds
2006-09-27 Birthday in the mountains, new server
2006-10-03 Moldavian villages and monasteries
2006-10-17 Wine with friends in Moldova
2006-10-29 Observing life in Danube Delta
2006-11-08 Autumn weather on the Black Sea coast
2006-11-13 Romania and Bulgaria joining the EU
2006-11-22 Holiday apartment at Sunny Beach
2006-12-05 Please come to have some tea
2006-12-14 Cooking on the campfire
2006-12-14 Finally in Istanbul
2006-12-23 Christmas shopping in the Grand Bazaar
2007-01-06 Hiking in snowy Cappadocia
2007-01-06 New Year and Kurbam Bayramı in a Turkish family
2007-01-15 Navigating in New Delhi
2007-01-19 Taj Mahal and train travel
2007-01-23 Surrounded by people
2007-02-01 Guest of honor on the Republic Day of India
2007-02-05 Keeping up with the news
2007-02-05 Mixed feelings in Jaipur
2007-02-18 Watching monkeys in Ranthambhore and Bundi
2007-02-26 India from the back seat of a white Hindustan Ambassador
2007-03-06 Mumbai, city of contrasts
2007-03-06 The joy of Holi
2007-03-19 University life
2007-04-04 Meditating under coconut palms
2007-04-19 Beach paradise in Goa
2007-04-29 Farewell to India
2007-05-07 Thailand sightseeing in Japanese style
2007-05-13 Rain and rainforests
2007-05-19 Meeting the Khmers
2007-05-28 Cambodian tourist headquarters
2007-05-28 A fishing village by Tonle Sap
2007-06-04 Homeless loiterers in Phnom Penh
2007-06-16 Return to Helsinki
2007-08-30 Thoughts after one year on the road

Why "Balttiarallaa" and "expedition"?

Sure, I wasn't discovering any new land where no-one has been before, but the working title for the trip was Balttiarallaa Expedition and that stuck. In the Balttiarallaa vocabulary a bicycle outing of more than 1000 km is a tour, and more than 10000 km is an expedition. After all, that's surely going to reach further than the area which is commonly known as the Baltics, where we started the Balttiarallaa Tours with my friends Mikko and Sami. They joined me for three weeks during this trip. To be honest, I rode only about 9800 km, but side trips by foot or by canoe to areas difficult to travel by bicycle can be included in the totals, bringing it past the 10k point. :-)

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