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Working again for HIP

Posted: 2007-11-22 00:59:10, Categories: Work, 134 words (permalink)

CSC announced last week the collaboration between Helsinki Institute of Physics (HIP) and CSC to build the Finnish part of the data storage and computing environment required to observe what happens to minuscule particles when they hit each other really hard. Digitoday also picked up the story (in Finnish).

I worked for HIP during summers 1999-2002 (the first two being physically located at CERN) and additionally part time along with my studies during 2001-2002. After my exchange year in Japan 2002-2003, I joined CSC. Now, my task there is setting up the data storage system of this experiment — with the help of a couple of colleagues of course. In other words, I'm again working for HIP, although not directly employed by them. Funny how you always end up doing pretty much the same things... :)

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